Airportle is an exciting game in which the player must guess an airport code rather than a hidden word. Are you ready to test your knowledge in this field? In this game, players will be given six opportunities to predict a three-letter airport code, such as LAX for Los Angeles or LHR for London. Following each guess, the letters chosen will be highlighted in blue, yellow, or gray. If the letter displays in green, it is in the airport code and in the correct location. If the letter is highlighted in yellow, it is in the airport code but in the incorrect place. If a letter shows gray, it does not belong in the airport code and should be removed. Furthermore, the airport must be included in the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) official airport list. There are almost 20,000 airports worldwide, each with its own unique IATA code. This is a huge challenge for players if they do not have much knowledge about this field. If this is not your favorite field, try games like Mathler, Wordle Unlimited, and Foodle right away for a more fascinating experience.

How To Play

  • Use mouse to play.