Welcome to Forester, an online word-guessing game that is suitable for players of all ages. Enroll in Forester now and take advantage of great chances! Starting the game, players will be allowed to pick one of four levels that suit their abilities. The four levels include Forester, 2ordle, Snap, and Bale. During the Forester level, the player will be given 5 opportunities to discover a concealed word consisting of 5 letters. The 2ordle level is the same as Forester; however, the hidden word in this level is a rarely used word. During the Snap level, the player is tasked with solving a 6x6 board. If you like to test your abilities at a more difficult level, you may attempt Bale, where you will solve 4 boards at once to find four hidden words of 5 letters. If you are a word game enthusiast, you can try some other games like Yordzzle, Zip-zap-bam!, or Wordle Invaders.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.