If you are too familiar with the typical types of puzzle games, you should try Foodle instantly. It is the perfect game for chefs and food lovers. In this game, players will be granted a total of six opportunities to guess a food word that contains five letters. Following each attempt, the game will provide hints in the form of color. Players may utilize the color of the boxes as a reliable indicator for their next guess. The green tiles indicate that the letters are in the right position, whereas the yellow tiles indicate letters that are present within the word but are not correctly placed. 

Foodle is a delightful twist on the classic word game genre, combining the excitement of new culinary experiences with the unpredictability of words. Foodle offers a unique and captivating experience for even food enthusiasts. If you love fresh word games like Foodle, Artle, BTS Heardle and Spades are other options for you.

How To Play

  • Use the on-screen keyboard to write your initial five-letter word.
  • Press Enter to send the answer.   
  • Use the “Backspace” button to delete extra words and letters.