Do you possess expertise in the film industry? You can test your knowledge in this subject with Posterdle. The game will provide you with a blurry image of a movie poster. Within 6 attempts, the player must correctly identify the title of this film. Are you able to remember the movie posters that have been displayed in cinemas throughout the last four decades? The timer displayed on the screen will start at 20 seconds and slowly tick away. As it gets closer to zero, the poster becomes more fuzzy. Upon pressing the "GUESS" button, the clock will pause and they can write their prediction. However, in the event that your prediction is incorrect, you can press “I don't know” to continue the timer. If you are a fan of cinema, Posterdle is definitely a game you cannot miss. Furthermore, there are several games awaiting your exploration, including Beerdle, or AusEerdle.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.