Mathler is an enjoyable game that challenges players to think critically in order to find a single calculation with a given result. In this game, the mathematical operations presented include individual cells, each of which may contain a numeral ranging from 0 to 9, or one of the symbols +, -, *, and /. Upon starting the game, the player will be presented with a 6x6 board appearing on the screen, corresponding to 6 calculations, each calculation has 6 empty cells. In mathematical computations, the rules of multiplication and division will be applied first in the calculations, followed by the rules of addition and subtraction.

After entering a calculation and pressing the Enter button, different colors will appear to indicate whether or not the digit is included in the computation. The color blue indicates that the digit has been observed and is located in an accurate place. The text in yellow represents a number that should not be there because it is in the incorrect location. The fact that the text is gray indicates that it was not included in the calculation

How To Play

  • Use mouse to play.