Connections Puzzle

Connections Puzzle is one of the newest additions to the best puzzle games available for those who can’t get enough of playing with words! In this game, players’ role is to rearrange a total of 16 words into groups of four; however, these words need to have a common threat between one another. Sounds easy, right? Not so when there are words with multiple meanings that will certainly leave you scratching your head in confusion!

To make it possible to sort words into their correct groups, or “categories”, players will need to determine how certain words can be related to one another. They can be the names of NFL players, things that share the same color, or the surnames of famous actors! Be prepared to utilize every part of your brain if you want to complete the Connections Puzzle!

What’s better, there is a brand new puzzle waiting for you every day, so you can start your day with Connections Puzzle! This game is not only an excellent companion during an early cup of coffee, but also a fun and engaging way to work your brain and chase away all sleepiness. Plus, you can even come across interesting words and expand your vocabulary. In case one puzzle isn’t enough, it is possible to play as many games as you like with various difficulties!

How to Play

Each Connections Puzzle game consists of 16 words in total. The players’ role is to sort them into four groups of four with a common characteristic. These groups are commonly referred to as “categories”. Here are some examples of categories:

  • Superheroes: Black Widow, Blade, Flash, Storm
  • Arachnids: mite, scorpion, spider, tick

If you didn’t know the category name beforehand, it is quite easy to group “Black Widow” into the Arachnids category instead. This is also exactly how Connections Puzzle may trick you into grouping the wrong words!

When you are done choosing four words, you can check whether they belong to the same category by clicking on the “Submit” button. Players have four attempts at incorrect grouping in each game. If your guess is correct, the category’s name will be displayed. Each category is color-coded based on how straightforward its meaning is. The darker the color of the category, the more complex the thought process needed to guess it right.

When first opening the game, the difficulty level is set at “Medium”, but it is also possible to choose “Easy” or “Hard”. The first puzzle is always the puzzle of the day, and you can play as many rounds as you like by clicking on “Start New Game”.


  • The main goal of this game is to sort 16 words into four categories.
  • Each category has four words.
  • If the four submitted words are related to one another, the category name will be revealed.
  • The relationship between words of the same category is moderately specific, more so than something like “three-letter words” or “nouns”.
  • The color of the category suggests the “straightforwardness” of the category, with the brightest color being the easiest to deduce.
  • If at least one of the four words submitted does not belong to the same category, one attempt will be lost.
  • When all four attempts are used up, the game will be lost.


  • A simple yet addictive puzzle game with interesting premises!
  • Players will need to make use of their logical deduction and creativity to link words together!
  • A great (and fun) way to expand your vocabulary range!
  • Solve the puzzle of the day and/or play unlimited Connections Puzzle games to hone your word skills!
  • Three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard—depending on how complex you want the words to be!

Tips and Tricks to win Connections Puzzle

  • Start with the more obvious categories first: At the beginning, if you immediately see four words that seem to be from the same category and there are no other possible word groupings, give it a try! If your guess turns out to be right, it will be a lot easier to group other categories. Beware of the words with multiple meanings, though. It is also best to leave the more complex words to be grouped later.
  • Monosemous vs. polysemous words: Monosemous words refer to words that have only one meaning, while the opposite is true for polysemous words. It may be beneficial for you to begin with the monosemous words first when making your first grouping. This is because in this game, words with multiple meanings (i.e., polysemous words) usually fit well into more than one category. Begin with the less misleading words first to determine the possible category, and find the most suitable polysemous word to complete your grouping.
  • Look up the definition of words you don’t know: You may frequently come across words or names for which you have no idea what they mean. In that case, try looking them up online, since their meanings may just be the clues you need!
  • Sometimes, a mistake is all you need: Remember that you have four attempts to group the words incorrectly, so don’t be afraid to make a mistake or two. Mistakes can help you narrow down whether the category you guessed is actually correct. If not, now you know that you will have to take another guess.

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