Witch Word:Halloween Puzzel Game

The young witch is waiting for you to collect special items by solving interesting puzzles to perform the ritual on the night before Halloween in Witch Word: Halloween Puzzel Game. In this witch word puzzle, you have to discover the hidden words in the image of a witch who has three cat’s eyes on her face, a black cauldron with green flames at its base, and a broomstick with a red fabric-wrapped end. In the grid, each row and column represents a word, phrase, or question that players must answer with three or more letters.

With 4 different modes, 200 levels of increasing difficulty, Halloween in Witch Word: Halloween Puzzel Game is appropriate for everyone, including children. Besides, there are a lot of similar games such as Wordle Solver, Immaculate Grid, Connections Game. Now, let's begin supporting the young witch right away.

How To Play

  • Use a mouse to play.