Immaculate Grid

Don’t miss out on Immaculate Grid if you are a loyal fan of MLB! This game is the latest obsession of baseball fans around the world, and for good reasons! On a 3x3 grid board, try your best to guess the names of baseball players that fulfill both the criteria of the grid’s row and column. Will you be able to have the “immaculate grid” without looking the players up online?

Immaculate Grid is a challenging puzzle game that revolves around the world of baseball. To begin, players need to identify the baseball players on the grid that can satisfy both vertical and horizontal criteria. These are usually a combination of the team they used to play for and their achievements, such as “New York Yankees” and “20+ win season pitching”. You only have one attempt to guess each cell of the grid, so try your best to color the whole grid green!

How To Play

Click on a cell of the 3x3 grid and type the name of the baseball player that satisfies the criteria.