Spellie is an engaging and educational game that promotes the enhancement of players' vocabulary and logical thinking abilities. The objective of the game is to create words by moving letters on the board to fill empty spaces and form meaningful words. The player has made a total of six attempts to do this. The color of the letters changes after each try to reflect how accurately you entered the word. In the case that the box changes its color to blue, it can be inferred that the letter is not included within the secret word. The color yellow is used to represent a letter that is present in the word but is not located in the correct position. Green means the character you guessed is completely correct. There are three levels of difficulty for completing the puzzles: easy, medium, and hard. Easy puzzles use 4-letter words, whereas medium mode uses 5-letter words and hard mode is characterized by the inclusion of 6-letter words. If you are a puzzle enthusiast, there are many other options for you such as Countryle, Foodle, Wordle Unlimited.

How To Play

  • Use mouse to play.