Killer Wordle

Killer Wordle is not only an entertaining game but also a daily linguistic challenge where you can showcase your language skills. The objective of the player in this game is to correctly guess a hidden word within a maximum of six attempts. It is important to note that the words entered must be significant. Following each attempt, the color of the boxes will change to indicate the correct letters. Color rules remain the same as in Wordle. However, in this game, the player will not know how many letters the hidden word consists of, which can be four, five, or six.

If you solve a Killer Wordle puzzle on a daily basis, your vocabulary will grow rapidly. It will have great tools to train your thinking and intelligence. If you have an interest in word games, try some other games such as Wordle Replay, Spellie, Custom Wordle.

How To Play

  • Fill in the blanks with words until you find the secret word.