Are you an art enthusiast with a passion for finding the world's greatest artists? If such is the case, then Artle is the game that you have been expecting. In this game, you will immerse in the world of renowned painters, sculptors, and creators as you test your understanding and admiration of art. Your objective is to take a look at the piece of artwork and guess which artist created it. You will have four opportunities to get the correct answer. If the letter 'X' shows on the screen, it indicates that you have guessed the artist's name incorrectly. After a wrong guess, Artle will present you with a new piece of artwork to evaluate. These pieces of art can provide you with important hints that will lead you closer to identifying the artist. Moreover, the photographs on display are taken from the collection of the National Gallery of Art and include a variety of works of art. Now, let's get started!

How To Play

  • Use mouse to play.