Use your language knowledge and logical thinking skills to discover the concealed words in the game Attractle. Can you win this challenge? In this game, players will have a total of 6 chances to discover a secret word containing between 4 and 8 letters. Following each attempt, the boxes containing the letters will change their color to show you how close you are to the correct answer. The color green signifies that the correct letter is only one letter away from the letter you guessed in the alphabet. The color yellow implies that the correct letter is two or three letters away from the letter you guessed in the alphabet. Purple indicates the right letter, which is the letter you guessed from at least four letters of the alphabet. It should be noted that some letters may appear more than once. Long quizzes won't discourage you because they will increase your chances of success. With simple but no less attractive gameplay, Attractle is gaining popularity. Do you like this traditional word-guessing game? If you're looking for something new, try playing games like Xordle, Gummidge, or Wordle Invaders.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.