Gummidge is a game not to be missed by word-guessing game enthusiasts. Are you prepared to test your language skills in this game? The objective of the player in this game is to correctly discover a 5-letter word within a maximum of six attempts. The color of the letters will change with every try to indicate the accuracy of the predicted word. If the crossword is displayed in green, it indicates that the letter is included in the hidden word and is positioned correctly. If the crossword appears yellow, it means that letter is in the secret word but is in the wrong place. In the event that the letter doesn't appear in the secret word, it will be highlighted in gray. Do you have a passion for word puzzles? Embark on new adventures by engaging in games such as Duotrigordle, Wourdle, or EEEEE.

How To Play

  • Players use the mouse and keyboard to move and enter the necessary words.