If you are a word game enthusiast but find yourself bored in the regular Wordle, it's time to switch to another new game known as Absurdle. In order to initiate the game, players need to create their own suggested vocabulary. However, in the event that players do not want to think of new meaningful words to fill in, they can use the random guessing method. In contrast to Wordle, where the player is limited to six attempts to guess a concealed word, this game allows players unlimited guesses until they successfully identify the hidden word. Following each attempt, green, yellow, and gray colors will appear to indicate the accuracy of the characters. Don't worry too much when you encounter words that are too difficult; you have the option to give up and move on to another keyword by pressing the give up button. Absurdle will definitely bring you many interesting experiences. If you are a puzzle enthusiast, Colorfle, Crosswordle, Wander Words are other options for you.

How To Play

  • Use mouse to play.