Test your eye for color details with Colorfle, a Wordle-inspired puzzle game in which players try to find the right color combination that mixes together into the chosen color of the day! Do you have what it takes to find the right match in no more than six tries?

If you are familiar with mixing paint colors, Colorfle may be a piece of cake for you. Nevertheless, even those who have never painted can enjoy this colorful puzzle. Players begin by picking the colors in the order in which they are most used to mix into the chosen color. For example, in Normal mode, the color composition is 50% for the first color, 30% for the second one, and the rest for the third color. Similar to Wordle, there are also hints after each guessing attempt:

  • Colors that are in the correct positions are highlighted in green.
  • Colors that are correct but in the wrong position are highlighted in yellow.
  • Colors that don’t appear in the combinations are grayed out.

How To Play

Click on the colors and check if they mix together into the chosen color.