Mini Crossword

Mini Crossword is a shortened version of the classic crossword game that offers the same fun with a fraction of the time needed to complete it! These puzzles are the best mental workout for people of all ages, and they're perfect for kicking off the day. Since we all know that we are always short on time early in the day, Mini Crossword features a 5x5 grid rather than the more traditional 9x9, so you can quickly finish your morning routine!

In Mini Crossword, players can have plenty of fun figuring out the answers to the clues and checking if the letters from their answers fit in nicely. In addition, these puzzle games are also great for expanding your vocabulary and knowledge. Play the game now to learn new things in a fun way!

How To Play

Based on the provided clues for both horizontal and vertical words, try your best to fill in the answers and complete the Mini Crossword.