Words Detective Bank Heist

Do you enjoy investigations with intriguing details? Pretend to be a detective investigator and find the bank robbers as you answer puzzles in Words Detective Bank Heist. To create words, tap the letter tiles on your screen. If the tile appears green, the word that is built is correct. If it becomes blue, then that letter will be used not only in the word but elsewhere. New pages of the comic books are unlocked after the players solve riddles. As you progress through the stages, the puzzles will get harder with longer words and more complicated grid. Additionally, players are given a set amount of time to complete the level, so you must sort the letters as quickly as you can. But don’t worry, remember that if you run into trouble, you may use the suggestion feature to see the first letter. If you enjoy puzzle games, you can find a lot of games like Words Detective Bank Heist, such as Astrology Word Finder, Mahjong Connect HD and Octordle.

How To Play

  • Use a mouse to sort the letters.