Wordle Sketch

Wordle Sketch is a refreshing word game where players can express their artistic skills by sketching and creating pictures from vocabulary words. In this game, players will use colored dots as a means of providing feedback to the person trying to guess the secret word. The gray dot symbolizes a letter that does not exist within the concealed term. The presence of a yellow dot signifies that the letter is in the secret word but in the wrong position. The green dot indicates that a letter appears in the correct position in the secret word. Once the colored dots have been chosen, players arrange them on the grid until the grid is full of colorful squares. The number of blue cells in the grid can indicate how challenging it will be to find the secret word. The greater the reduction in the number of green boxes, the higher the level of complexity of the problem.

How To Play

  • Players take part in the challenge by moving around with the mouse and finishing it by following the directions.