Wordle 6 Letters

Engage in the world of letters and challenge yourself with a variety of words in Wordle 6 Letters. If in Wordle 5 Letters, the player only needs to guess a hidden word of 5 letters, then in this game, the player needs to discover a word of 6 letters within a limit of 6 attempts. With each guess, the game will provide feedback on the accuracy of the letters through the use of the colors green, yellow, and gray. There are several strategies that players can use to guess the concealed words more easily. When starting your first guess, you should choose common vowels such as "A", "E", "I" and consonants like "S", "T", "R" because they are more probable to appear in the majority of six-letter words. Additionally, when receiving color feedback, you need to carefully evaluate and make your next choices. Choosing the wrong strategy will waste your opportunities.

How To Play

  • Players using their keyboard and mouse to finish a puzzling word search.