Word Wipe

One of the most popular puzzle games is called Word Wipe, where players can demonstrate their language skills by matching letters to create correct words within a limited period of time. Each word that is correctly created will be erased from the screen. To raise the game’s challenge, the crosswords can be organized horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The complexity gradually rises with each round, which will make this game more fascinating and challenging. Furthermore, the amount of time spent playing is a factor that determines the difficulty of Word Wipe.

Word Wipe is appropriate for people of all ages, especially those who enjoy word games, love creativity, and love to discover new things. Remember that you have to try to make words using the letters with the highest points because complex words won’t always give you the best score. Through hours of playing Word Wipe, you can improve your vocabulary and sharpen your mind.

How To Play

  • You'll be able to control most of the game with your mouse during play.