Admire the beauty of the world and find out more about countries with WhereTaken! Based on the picture provided, you can try to guess its origin in under six attempts. If you get it right, there are three bonus rounds of the said country waiting for you! Do you have what it takes to answer them all correctly?

WhereTaken features simple and enjoyable gameplay, and it is a fun way to learn more about countries around the world. Players begin by typing the name of the country that they think the picture originates from. If their guesses are incorrect, the game will provide hints regarding the distance to the correct country and the direction to it. Successfully typing the right country will reward you with additional questions regarding the said country, such as its capital city and other famous landmarks. Each day, there is a new puzzle available, so you can start guessing again!

How To Play

Type the name of the country and check if it is where the photo was taken.