Master your word-forming skills with Weaver and slowly transform the start word into the end word by changing a letter each time you type a word! Originally known as “word ladder”, the game was invented by Lewis Carroll back in the 1870s. How many attempts do you need to weave the start word into the end word?

Weaver is a simple and intuitive word puzzle game that challenges players to be creative and think of numerous different possibilities for forming words. Players can start the game by typing four-letter words that are identical to the word above except for one letter and continue to do so until they can form the word at the bottom. Complete the Weaver puzzle of the day or play unlimited games to hone your word skills!

How To Play

Type or use the on-screen keyboard to form four-letter words. Each time you type a word, you can only change one letter of the start word. How many attempts do you need to weave from the start word to the end word?