Have you tried guessing three hidden words simultaneously? If the answer is no, then play Trordle now, a challenging word-guessing game. Upon starting the game, the player will see three Wordle grids placed next to each other on the screen, each consisting of five rows. Players will have a total of eight opportunities to discover a set of three concealed words. Every guess will be applied to all three tables simultaneously. Choose words with as many vowels as possible because vowels often have a greater probability of appearing in hidden words than other letters. In addition, the game offers two distinct game modes: "Daily Trordle" and "Free Trordle". In daily play mode, players are given only three hidden words to guess in a day. In contrast, with the free-play option, players have the freedom to play the game an unlimited number of times at their leisure. If you have a passion for word puzzles, what are you waiting for? Try Trordle immediately!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.