The Password Game

Your passwords are too complex and hard to remember? Try out The Password Game and think again! In this challenging puzzle game, it is your role to create the most unimaginable password ever that satisfies each and every rule. While these rules can be fairly normal and reasonable at the beginning, such as “having 8 characters” and “having a special character”, things can escalate much more quickly than you think!

In The Password Game, all players need to do is type something in the input box on the screen. As simple as it may sound, once you give the game a try, you will soon understand why people hate (and love) it. You will have to fulfill a series of rules that don't make any sense at all, and more often than not, you will have to fix your lengthy line of passwords so everything is fulfilled!

How To Play

Type in the input box to fulfill the rules’ requirements. With each rule fulfilled, a new rule appears, so be sure to satisfy all of them to win the game!