Squabble is a captivating multiplayer word game that challenges players on an adventure through the world of letters and language. Similar to the popular game Wordle, the objective of this game is to discover a five-letter word in no more than six attempts. After each try, the boxes in the game will change color in order to indicate how close you are to guessing the five-letter word correctly. Squabble offers two primary game modes, namely Battle Royale and Blitz. While you can only compete with up to four other players at once in Blitz, in Battle Royale mode, you can play with up to 99 other players at the same time. 

Squabble has a friendly interface that combines vibrant visuals with easily navigable controls. Additionally, the game has many different levels, so whether you are a puzzle expert or just a casual gamer seeking some brain-boggling entertainment, Squabble has something for everyone to enjoy.

How To Play

  • Use mouse to play.