Explore a novel horizon in the world of words by participating in the Smixed game. What is the reason for your delay? Don't miss it! The challenge of this game lies in the fact that the player must construct words using a given set of letters. Nevertheless, these letters are only permitted at the beginning of each word. Enter your predictions in the boxes on the screen to start the game. Following each guess, the boxes representing the letters you guessed change their color to indicate how close your guess was to the secret word. Players must use this feedback intelligently to adjust their subsequent predictions. The number of turns taken using the provided letters will determine the player's score. Specifically, players will get one point for using a previously given letter in the concealed word. 

It is regrettable that the game only offers one puzzle per day. However, players will have the opportunity to compare their performance with others by sharing their scores on social media platforms. You can engage in typical word games such as Dungleon, Wordle Invaders, or Xordle to feel the novelty of this game.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.