Test your knowledge by attempting to find beer-related words, and have fun exploring the world of beer through a unique twist on the Beerdle game. The objective of the game is to guess a concealed word by using 5-letter words. Any word consisting of five letters can be used in this game. Nevertheless, the correct answer will always revolve around knowledge and vocabulary about beer. For instance, if the answer is "Lewes Castle Brown Ale," partial predictions such as "Lewes" and "Brown" will still be considered correct even if the entire phrase is incorrect. Take note of the color of the letters following each attempt, as they will guide you in the right direction. This game has introduced an extremely unique theme to the collection of Wordle games. Do you like to drink beer? Get started and test your knowledge on this enjoyable topic. If you want to try other topics, you can try Morsle, Zip-zap-bam!, or Duotrigordle.

How To Play

  • Players use the mouse to enter letters into the board.