The greatest aspects of crossword puzzles and word searches are combined in the addictive word game Outspell, where the player's goal is to move their letters to squares on the board. Using special bonus squares will increase the money you earn. The game stretches the boundaries of your vocabulary to discover the most valuable words, so it is considered a test of your knowledge and strategic thinking. On top of that, it includes challenges for players of various skill levels, ranging from easy to complicated. The advantage of Outspell is that a dictionary is readily available. When you enter letters into the dictionary, it will show you matching results that help you solve the puzzle more easily.

With the aid of Outspell, you may improve and hone your language knowledge as well as your puzzle-solving abilities. Consequently, you can enjoy yourself greatly while engaging in beneficial mental activity. Are you a word enthusiast? If so, Wander Words is also the right choice for you.

How To Play

  • Use mouse to play.