OMG Word Professor

The playing field of the letters in Omg Word Professor awaits you! Touch and drag them, connecting them in order to create awesome words. Demonstrate your mastery of language as you combine letters to build words that'll leave others in awe. Don't worry if you are not acquainted with word guessing games because this game will begin with only four letters. However, don’t walk on the spot, as you advance, you receive more to combine, so you have to simultaneously raise your skill levels! Try to create as many words as possible in the limited time available. On top of that, to increase the bonus, you can generate certain types of words or complete challenges. In this game, you can compare your scores with those of other players in the rankings. Come up with appropriate strategies to become the highest-ranked person. If you enjoy puzzle games, Phrazle is another choice for you.

How To Play

  • Use a mouse to play