Octordle is a difficult word puzzle game that is based on the immensely popular game Wordle. This time, however, instead of finding one five-letter word, the game challenges you to discover eight words at the same time! If that sounds like your jam, you should try out Octordle now!

In Octordle, you are guaranteed to have a great time thinking of every possible word combination based on the letter hints from the game. Just like Wordle, after each guessing attempt, you will receive color-coded clues regarding the letters you used. Though now you need to look at eight different sets of clues at once! Based on these hints, try your best to uncover the secret words within 13 attempts in order to win the game!

How To Play

Type or use the on-screen keyboard to form five-letter words. Check to see if they are the secret words, and receive letter hints if they are not. Good luck!