Nonogram are logic puzzles in which players are tasked with filling in cells on a grid to produce graphics in the style of pixel art. Initially, you should observe and evaluate the grid that is visually presented on the screen. Take a look at the numbers above and below, since they provide crucial information regarding the quantity of squares to be filled within the relevant row or column. Nevertheless, these numbers don't tell you exactly which squares should or shouldn't be filled in. Currently, your objective is to identify the exact squares to fill in and avoid. When you complete the grid without errors, a picture will be displayed on the screen, indicating the successful completion of the level. Subsequently, the game will load a new Nonogram puzzle for you to play. When faced with challenging puzzles, don't worry too much, you will receive 3 hints for each puzzle. If you have become an expert in Nonogram, try your hand at Contexto

How To Play

  • Left click to fill words into the grid.
  • Right click to switch fill type.