MLB Pickle

Show off your love for baseball and MLB with MLB Pickle, a tricky puzzle game that challenges players to discover the chosen MLB player of the day! To do that, you can type in the name of any player and receive hints based on your guesses! Do you have what it takes to uncover the chosen players in nine attempts?

MLB Pickle features simple and intuitive gameplay with a hint system similar to that of the classic Wordle games. Whenever players make a guess, they will receive color-coded feedback on different aspects of the MLB player: his team name, the League and Division he plays in, position, age, and so on. If any of the columns turn green, the guessed players’ aspects are similar to those of the chosen players. If the columns turn yellow, the guessed players have something close to the chosen players:

  • Lg/Div: The chosen player plays in either the revealed League or Division.
  • Age: The chosen player’s age is within a 2-year difference.
  • Position: The chosen player can play this position, but it's not his primary position.

Try your best to define the chosen player within nine attempts to win the game!

How To Play

Type in the search bar the name of the MLB player to make a guess.