Gram Jam

If you have a passion for word games and want to find fresh challenges, why not give Gram Jam a try? How many words can you make? In this game, you have to swap letters between rows and columns in order to create the correct word. Upon commencing the game, you will initially be granted 10 moves, but after each correct guess, you will have a chance to get a new move. After successfully creating a word, it will be automatically removed from the board. Try to find longer words to maximize your progress while winning faster. 

Gram Jam is not simply an entertaining game; it also brings players many benefits. The game will help improve players' word formation skills as they try to arrange letters to form new words. Furthermore, it helps expand players' vocabulary and promote strategic thinking. The game will give players a captivating and immersive experience that players of all ages can enjoy.

How To Play

  • Swap letters by dragging them.