Improve your knowledge of geography in a fun way with Globle, a daily puzzle game that challenges players to discover the chosen country of the day! While the guessing aspects of this game are similar to those of Wordle, instead of focusing on words, it focuses on different countries. Try to guess a country and see how close it is to the chosen country!

Globle lets players make their guesses on a gorgeously visualized 3D model of our planet Earth. All you need to do is type the name of a country and check its distance in comparison to the country of the day. The closer your guess country is, the redder the color of it on the map. On the other hand, countries that aren’t close to the chosen country have a cooler blue tone. Based on these clues, try your best to identify the country of the day with the fewest number of guesses!

How To Play

Enter the name of a country and receive hints about its distance from the chosen country. Good luck!