If movies are one of your greatest passions, you should try out Framed and challenge your own extensive knowledge! This game draws inspiration from the well-known Wordle game but uses movies as its main theme. Do you have what it takes to correctly guess the name of a movie based on a single frame?

Framed is described as “a game for cinephiles and casual movie watchers alike”, and it is also a great way to discover a film you may want to watch (or rewatch). Each day, a new puzzle is available, covering a movie picked from a curated list, so you can have fun guessing all over again!

How To Play

  • Type the name of the guessed move and submit to check if it is the correct one.
  • The game also provides possible movie names based on what you type.
  • Each incorrect guess will reveal a new frame from the movie.
  • You can also skip to the next frame by clicking on the “Submit” button without typing anything.