Evil Wordle

Evil Wordle is a thrilling and exciting classic word puzzle game that is definitely a favorite pastime of word enthusiasts and puzzle solvers. The player's task in this game is to find a word consisting of either five or six letters in a limited number of attempts, typically six tries. The color of the letters in the word will change with each guess to provide important clues about the accuracy of the letters you guess. In contrast to traditional word games, Evil Wordle has no built-in words for players to uncover. Instead, it uses a smart AI to analyze your guesses and increase the difficulty of the game. Furthermore, players have the opportunity to change the game's settings to better suit their personal preferences. You have the option to reduce the number of letters in a word, activate a timer, or turn off cruel mode. The game is an excellent option for hours of competitive fun; now let's get started!

How To Play

  • Use mouse to play.