If you think that guessing one five-letter word in Wordle isn’t enough, Dordle will give you completely unique challenges! In this game, players will need to muster every part of their brain to uncover two five-letter words at the same time! Will you be able to finish the puzzle within 7 guessing attempts?

Dordle features gameplay similar to that of the original Wordle game. In this game, players will also receive color-coded letter hints based on their guesses. Green-boxed letters indicate that they are already in the correct position, while yellow-boxed letters indicate that they are part of the chosen words but are in the incorrect position. Letters that remain grayed out after being used don’t appear in the chosen words. Put these hints to use and see if you can figure out the two chosen words!

How To Play

Guess the chosen words by typing or clicking on the virtual keyboard. Choose between Daily mode or Free mode and have a great time playing Dordle!