If you are bored with traditional Wordle games, try your hand at DeWordle, a version of the game that combines crosswords and other puzzles. DeWordle is a fascinating game that challenges players to guess a concealed word. Players will do intriguing things like guess and draw Wordle diagrams while taking part in the game. The selected word has been chosen at random from 2315 possible five-letter words. 

It is necessary to tap on each of the five empty boxes in order to get the color you want. Press once to turn green, twice to turn yellow, and three times to turn gray. A wordle diagram is represented by the colored blocks. Next, click the pencil icon under the row containing the answer. Here, players will find a drop-down list of possible words that correlate to the colored blocks. Choose one word and observe which letters are correct and which ones are missing. It's intriguing, wouldn't you say? You can explore other games similar to Word Games 5 in 1.

How To Play

  • Use mouse to play.