If you get a high level of traditional word games, explore a different linguistic challenge known as CrissWord. In this game, players will have to guess two hidden words in a level. Upon beginning the game, the player will see two or more clues positioned at the top. These clues can be synonyms of the answer or employ wordplay, sometimes based on a general theme. The player needs to think of a pair of words that are associated with the given hint and the blue letters in both words are the same. Some puzzles have multiple solutions, so you'll need to guess four words correctly (two for each clue at the top). Don't worry too much if you encounter a difficult puzzle; you can press the 'Reveal letter' button to reveal a random letter from one of the green squares. Nevertheless, this will result in a decrease in your overall score. If you are a word game enthusiast, Word Detector, Spellbound,and  Word Games 5 in 1 are other options for you.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to move the letters into the crossword.