Welcome to Citydle, an addictive game for people who are interested in geography and want to learn more about nations and cities. Players will get six chances to guess the name of a city all over the world. After each attempt, the game will offer colors to help you choose a more suitable direction. Gray indicates that your response has nothing to do with the name of the secret city. The color orange denotes that the city you entered and the secret city are on the same continent. The color yellow indicates that the city you choose is in the same country as the hidden city. Finally, if the city you select displays in green, it implies you have discovered the name of the city.

In addition, Citydle will also give suggestions about the distance from the city you choose to the mysterious city. The shorter the distance, the closer you get to the secret city. The player's score will depend on the length and complexity of the word, with longer words and less common words earning higher scores. If you're a city geek or simply enjoy geography, Citydle is the perfect daily puzzle for you. Furthermore, you can test your geography knowledge in some other games, such as Countryle or Bordle.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to fill in the letters in the crossword.