Attempt to discover the Bugdle within 6 attempts using a set of 5 symbols! Will this game be a challenge for you? Let's get started! Upon starting the game, the player will see a series of interesting symbols appear on the screen such as worms, beetles, ants, etc. You will have to use these symbols to guess the concealed word. Following each attempt, the color of the boxes will change to show you how close your guess is to the hidden word. If the crossword appears red, it means the symbol is in the hidden word and in the correct position. A yellow text box indicates that the symbol is present in the concealed word but is not in the correct location. If the crossword is shaded in gray, it indicates that the symbol is not included in the concealed word and should be deleted. If you like this game, try Cleverdle, Dumble, or Alphabeticle for a more fun experience.

How To Play

  • Use the virtual keyboard on the screen to fill in symbols in the blank boxes.