Blossom Word Game

Create your own flower garden full of letters and words with the Blossom Word Game! Spell out the longest words you can think of based on the letters on the flower petals, and receive points based on how many letters there are in your words!

In Blossom Word Game, players have plenty of opportunities to hone their language skills by trying to come up with words from the letters provided. However, not all words are acknowledged by the game, so be sure to avoid creating these words:

  • Words with less than four letters (any letter can be used more than once).
  • Words that don’t contain the letter in the center of the flower.
  • Words that are proper nouns, hyphenated words, or vulgar.

Think creatively about how to utilize the letters so you can plant 12 pots with your own little word flowers!

How To Play

Create words by choosing the letters on the flower in your desired order. Good luck!