AEIO is a delightful word-guessing game in which players can test their linguistic abilities and logical thinking. In this game, the player gets a total of six opportunities to discover a hidden five-letter word. To start the game, you must enter a 5-letter word in the blank box. Note that this must be a meaningful word. After pressing Enter, a 5x6 table will emerge on the screen, where you will enter your predictions in order from top to bottom. After each prediction, the game will provide you with suggestions through colors. If the letter is gray, it does not belong to the concealed word. When a letter is marked with the color yellow, it indicates that the letter exists in the concealed word but is located in another cell. If the letter is highlighted in green, it is both present in the concealed word and correctly positioned. Pay attention to these colors since they will help you adjust your direction appropriately. Now let's get started! If you are a crossword lover, you can try some other games like Lingle, Rankdle, and Wordvita.

How To Play

  • Players take part in the challenge by moving and following directions with the mouse.