Adoptle is a delightful word-guessing game for animal lovers in which participants attempt to guess the name of a dog or cat in six guesses. The name of the pet might be a common term or a widely used name, such as "Cookie," or a more formal name, such as "Martin." Teal and olive markings will be used to provide tips to players. If the letter appears teal, it is in its right location. If a letter is highlighted in olive, it is in the incorrect location. The letters that are not in the answer will be highlighted in gray. After you make six guesses, the game will let you know the name of the pet that you can adopt for the day. Players can also learn more about the characteristics of pets in this game. Additionally, the game has a dark option for people who want to play in low-light conditions. Do you want to learn more about different animals? What about birds, for example? If so, try Birdle now!

How To Play

  • Use mouse and keyboard.