A Diction

Welcome to the world of letters in A Diction, an engaging and challenging word game. It will bring you a great deal of surprises. Similar to other traditional word games, in this game, players will have a total of six opportunities to guess a hidden word of five letters. To start the game, the player inputs a word consisting of five letters into the initial row, noting that this must be a meaningful word. Press the Enter key to enter your response. After this, the game will provide suggestions about the correct level of the word through color. The color green indicates that this letter is in the word and in the correct position. The color yellow means this letter is in the word but its position is incorrect. The existence of the letter "gray" indicates that it does not belong to the hidden word and should be removed. If you encounter a difficult puzzle, tap the light bulb icon on the screen to receive a helpful hint. However, the number of times these suggestions can be used is limited. You are able to earn hints by solving words without using hints in three turns or less.

How To Play

  • Use a mouse and keyboard to play.