5pace6ar is a word-guessing game that draws inspiration from the renowned Wordle game. In the SpaceBar, players use five-letter words as a means to gather information about a secret six-letter word. The five-letter guesses provided by the players will contain a space character inside them. Players can position that space anywhere they want. Press Enter to submit your prediction. Immediately after that, colors will appear on the screen, indicating the accuracy of the characters you entered. In the event that the text box is displayed in yellow, this signifies that the letter appears in the secret word but in an incorrect place. If the crossword appears green, it means that letter is in the secret word and in the correct position. In the event that the crossword puzzle remains unmarked, it can be inferred that that letter does not appear in the secret word. It's fascinating, isn't it? Join now to have great experiences. Besides, you can try other word games like 7 Words, Word Scramble, and Daisy Word Search.

How To Play

  • Use a mouse to play.